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Kindernay is the first internal gear hub accommodating a 12mm through-bolt, yielding a total of 14 speeds out of just three simple planetary series. It is the lightest full-range 14 speed gear hub on the market, weighing just under 1400 grams.

The Kindernay Engineering Design philosophy ensures that every single subcomponent is designed for optimal performance as a unified part of the complete Kindernay drivetrain. The result is a fully integrated, perfectly tuned and patented system. No Kindernay part is designed without taking into consideration how it interacts with the other parts of the system.
This 14-speed internal gear hub offers a gear range that is wider than the most popular mountain bike derailleur systems, and it will run for hundreds of thousands of miles requiring nothing but an annual oil change.

This reputation for reliability and ease of use has made the Kindernay VII and XIV natural choices for dedicated commuters and long-range touring riders. It’s more than capable of handling the torque of an e-bike or tandem and pairs beautifully with a belt system like that from Gates Carbon Drive. Shifts can be made while stationary or while pedaling, and riders can shift through a handful of gears with one single movement of the hydraulic thumb shifter.

If you’re looking for a reliable all-weather gearing system, Kindernay is an obvious choice. Our expertise and full stock of replacement parts is unparalleled in the industry. Cycle Monkey is your home for all things Kindernay.

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  • The Kindernay XIV has a 543% gear range provides plenty of gears to get up, over, around, and down all kinds of terrain with 13.9% gear intervals
  • Requires very little maintenance and offers unmatched reliability
  • The hydraulic shifting system is available as both “onsie” and “twosie” allowing you to customize your cockpit setup.
  • Indexing occurs in the hub, so there is no adjustment required between the hub and shifter, and no tuning of the shifting system is needed.
  • Gears can be changed at any time, whether you're pedaling or not. This offers numerous advantages—from tackling technical singletrack more easily and keeping a more constant cadence, to being able to easily select a lower gear to start from a standstill on the road or trail.
  • The swap cage allows for easy and quick wheel changes and allows the use of the same Kindernay hub on multiple bikes with various wheel sizes.
  • The match cap kit allows quick and easy conversion between various axle/frame standards: 135-142-148mm; if you buy a new frame or new bike with a different spacing standard, no problem, just get the proper match cap. This also enables the use of one hub with different bikes with different frame spacing.
  • You always have a perfect chainline between the front chainring and rear sprocket, and the chain doesn't need to move laterally as it does in derailleur systems. This results in noticeably longer chain life and virtually eliminates broken chains.
  • The Kindernay has comparable efficiency to a perfectly clean derailleur system and bests derailleurs when things get muddy and gritty.
  • The Kindernay reduces the complexity of recumbent drivetrains.
  • On recumbents, folding bikes, and other small wheeled bikes on which the rear derailleur is often only an inch or two above the ground, the Kindernay improves ground clearance and reduces the chances of costly damage.
  • The Kindernay prolongs battery life and increases the range of e-bikes.