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Schlumpf Mountain Drive


  • 2.5 reduction ratio
  • Large physical chainring and smaller effective chainring size in reduction mode
  • Offers lowest gear ratio option of Schlumpf gearing systems
  • Highest running efficiency of Schlumpf gearing systems
  • Possibility of an effective chainring size that is smaller than any available chainring
  • 110mm and 130mm BCD spiders available for standard chainrings
  • 110mm and 130mm BCD spiders can be used with two chainrings
  • Optional steel spider for heavy duty use on tandems and cargo bikes
  • Best when combined with a gear hub or rear cassette offering at least 250% range
Schlumpf Mountain Drive (5-arm, 110mm BCD, 60-72mm, Aluminum, Standard)

The Schlumpf Mountain Drive is the best choice when you are looking for the lowest possible gear ratio. The wide 2.5 reduction ratio can offer an effective chainring size that is lower than any available chainring (depending on physical chainring selection). It also has the highest running efficiency of Schlumpf's offerings, making it the best choice for HPV's or other land-speed vehicles.

It is not recommended for use with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 due to conflicts with Rohloff's minimum gear ratio requirement.



Crank arms and sprockets sold separately Contact us for availability and other configurations.