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Zerode Taniwha Trail Bike

Nimble. Playful. Totally Taniwha.

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If you’re looking for a versatile, nimble trail bike that’s more than happy to pedal all day long but doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff, look no further than the new Taniwha Trail. This carbon fiber, 140mm-travel, 27.5˝ wheel trail bike delivers on the strengths of the proven Taniwha Enduro platform—with unrivaled suspension performance, seamless shifting across a massive 600% gear range (think 10-60t cassette!), and a low-maintenance drivetrain built around the Pinion gearbox—and ups the playfulness in a lively package featuring new geometry that’s optimized for trail riding.

If you’re the type of rider who spends every descent scanning for the next side hit to pop off and every climb racing your friends to the top, you’ll appreciate the snappy, lighter feel of Taniwha Trail. With slightly shortened travel, a lowered bottom bracket, shorter wheelbase, and slightly steeper headtube and seattube angles, this bike is primed for the trails most riders frequent.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of calorie-counting, watt-crunching XC rig—Zerode’s DH legacy shines through once it’s time to point things downhill, with the same superior traction and stability that only comes with moving the unsprung weight of a derailleur and cassette from the rear of the bike to the bottom bracket. In the end, Taniwha Trail was built with a simple goal in mind: take the best characteristics of Taniwha, and tweak them ever so slightly for a rig that’s simply more maneuverable (and fun to ride) for most rides and riders.

Taniwha Trail is available as a frame and drivetrain, frame/drivetrain and fork combo (includes Cane Creek 40 headset), or as a complete bike in three distinct build kits.


“The rear suspension on this bike is insanely good. In terms of the suspension, it’s the best 140 mm bike I’ve ridden, and it easily beats out any number of longer-travel bikes as well.”

“If you’re looking for something that’s not just a minor tweak to Generic Bike X from Huge Company Y, the Taniwha Trail might just be what you’ve been looking for.”
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