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Zerode Taniwha Enduro Bike

Enduro weapon. Game changer.

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The Zerode Taniwha is a complete system that ups the ante on long travel trail bike performance and changes the way riders look at bike maintenance.

Building on a heritage of DH racing success, Zerode founder Rob Metz combines modern geometry and cutting edge carbon manufacturing with the proven benefits of a gearbox to create a better riding experience.

With a high quality gearbox from German brand Pinion, the bike has a massive gear range inside a sealed package that is nearly maintenance-free and offers dramatically improved ground clearance when the trails get rough and rowdy. Shifting is super-fast and seamless across the gear range whether pedaling or coasting.

A simple, effective, and proven suspension platform combined with a fixed chain line optimizes pedaling performance through the entire travel range. The single speed rear hub and lack of derailleur minimizes unsprung weight to further improve suspension performance, and the symmetrical spoke angle ensures superb rear wheel stiffness.

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Demo a Taniwha

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Zerode Reviews/Media

"The Taniwha faithfully kept pace through hard hits and chattery sections. In a word, it felt calm. It's an eerie feeling, as though the rear of the Zerode is focusing more intently on the ground than other bikes......The Taniwha conforms to all terrain at any speed with a level of sensitivity, response and devotion that I'd never expect from an air-sprung shock." Bike Mag Review

"The phenomenal suspension performance is not solely a result of the consistent, well thought out kinematics of this design though; it comes from that exceptionally low un-sprung mass" Fanatik Bike Co Review

"Riding down the super irregular rock at Bootleg, the rear end of the Taniwha tracked the ground better than any other bike I’ve ever been on, including full blown DH rigs with perfectly dialed coil shocks."
"The Taniwha brings something to the table that’s legitimately different, and in many aspects, legitimately better."
Blister Gear Review

"The forward thinking Zerode Taniwha complete with it's smooth changing gearbox is exciting news in the bike industry"
Spoke Magazine Review

"The Zerode Taniwha has the most impressive rear suspension that I have ridden, crushing trails like no other enduro bike. It feels like the rear wheel never leaves the ground. The resulting grip and composure are unmatched."
Bike Hub Review

"For a rider who is constantly looking for the next best thing in mountain bike performance and durability, the Taniwha is immediately intriguing, as it’s a bike that fundamentally seeks to improve the mountain biking experience."
The Monkey Lab

Zerode Taniwha in Action
The Fanatik Crew Tests the Taniwha
Cane Creek Showcases their Coil Suspension Aboard the Taniwha
Taniwha Crushing Boulders in Steamboat Springs


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