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Ventana E-Gordo Rohloff Electric Fat Bike Size M

You want to ride in every condition—sand, snow, mud, muck, and everything in between. Fat tires are a great start, but you also need a drivetrain that can stand up to the elements for a truly low-maintenance, all-season shred sled. Throw in a 1000W electric motor from Bufang, and you have a incredible capabilities of a fat bike without having to worry about decreased efficiency.

Ventana's El Gordo frame is American-made, and this one-off E-Gordo model is specifically designed for Rohloff's SPEEDHUB 500/14 internal gear hub and compatible with Gates Carbon drive, with geometry has been modified slightly to accomodate the motor. The belt and internal gear hub complement the smooth power-assist, and ensure your fat bike will be as low-maintenance as a bike can get. Rohloff's SPEEDHUB features a wider gear range than SRAM's Eagle system, without the anxiety and extra maintenance that comes with running a derailleur in harrowing conditions and nasty weather.

If you’re looking fat tire traction without a cumbersome feel, look no further than this one-of-a-kind electric fat bike.

Check out the details of this custom build in the table below. This rig was built as a display bike, and is currently at 10% off!


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