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Tout Terrain Blacktop/Scrambler

Tout Terrain’s Blacktop/Scrambler platform is an exceptionally versatile option that offers you endless choices in terms of configuration—wheel size, drivetrain choice, and the addition of accessories like racks and fenders are left entirely up to you. As part of the brand’s X.Over series, Blacktop/Scrambler is an ideal choice for bikepacking, gravel, and mixed-surface fitness and adventure riding.

The Blacktop/Scrambler frame is designed to strike a balance between the stability needed to haul gear and take on rougher roads, and the lively character that riders expect from an adventure-oriented bike. Frame geometry places you in a sportier riding position than Tout Terrain’s trekking-series bikes. The frame does not come standard with a rear-rack, but color-matched rear racks from Tubus are available. It’s covered in mounts to accommodate a wide range of lighting and storage solutions. Opt for a carbon fork from CoLab components if you’re looking for a lightweight option that increases comfort and compliance on rough roads.

Low-maintenance shifting performance comes courtesy of the premium Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 or trusted Shimano Alfine internal gear hub paired with Gates Carbon Drive belt system. You can also run a derailleur and chain. The frame accepts 26˝ wheels with tires up to 2.5˝ wide, 27.5˝ wheels with tires up to 2.4˝ wide, or fast-rolling 700c/29˝ wheels with rubber up to 2˝/50c in width.

If you are looking for a super-customizable platform that is comfortable with rough roads and rough conditions, look no further than Blacktop/Scrambler.

Images of complete bikes are example-only. Check back soon for an expanded lineup of complete bikes available for purchase.

Tout Terrain's geometry chart can be downloaded here.

Tout Terrain offers custom paint on all of their bikes, in addition to standard colors at two pricing levels. We will follow up with you upon order to confirm your color preferences. Reference the palette below to see the standard options—"stock colors" (listed here) are available at no extra charge. If you would like one of the non-stock colors shown in the palette, please select "other collection color" when placing your order. If you'd like a color not shown, select "custom". We'll work with you to provide an RAL sample to Tout Terrain so they can deliver a frame that exactly matches your preferences.

Stock colors: Cromo Lucido, Naranja Lucido, Matte Oliva, Black


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