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Tout Terrain Amber Road Xpress (for Pinion Gearbox)

Tout Terrain’s Amber Road is an ideal platform for daily riders and commuters who want a comfortable, versatile bike that takes full advantage of the benefits of high-volume tires. Optimized for fast-rolling 29˝ or 27.5˝ wheels with wide, cushy rubber, it’s an ideal commuter and light touring bike for those looking to integrate cycling into their daily lifestyle. Xpress models are built for use with a Pinion gearbox, which offers reliable shifting performance in an entirely sealed package.

The steel frame features Tout Terrain’s integrated trekking rack, which is capable of hauling up to 88 lbs. of groceries or other essentials. Comfortable, upright geometry provides a natural riding position and clear view of the road ahead, and the frame is ready to accept a wide range of lighting solutions and other accessories.

Intended for day-in, day-out use in a variety of environments, Amber Road Xpress features a low maintenance drivetrain that pairs a centrally-located gearbox from Pinion with a squeaky-clean belt system from Gates Carbon Drive.

Larger wheels and high-volume tires offer extra comfort when riding on rough or uneven surfaces, and offer a more natural fit for taller riders. Amber Road Xpress accepts 700c/29˝ wheels with tires up to 2˝/50c wide or 650b/27.5˝ wheels with rubber up to 2.35˝/60c in width.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, versatile bike that’s at home on every part of your daily routine, Amber Road is the perfect platform to help you spend more time in the saddle.

Images of complete bikes are example-only. Check back soon to see new complete bike build kits for Tout Terrain.

Tout Terrain's geometry chart can be downloaded here.

Tout Terrain offers custom paint on all of their bikes, in addition to standard colors at two pricing levels. We will follow up with you upon order to confirm your color preferences. Reference the palette below to see the standard options—"stock colors" (listed here) are available at no extra charge. If you would like one of the non-stock colors shown in the palette, please select "other collection color" when placing your order. If you'd like a color not shown, select "custom". We'll work with you to provide an RAL sample to Tout Terrain so they can deliver a frame that exactly matches your preferences.

Stock colors: Atlantico Metallic (Blue), Matte Yellow-Green, Olive Metallic, Black


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